In Michael J. Herschensohn’s [column] on the Garfield Exchange (“The Garfield Exchange: Our newest landmark?” April 13), it seems to have been overlooked that AT 1 and AT 2 prefixes were older than AT 3 and AT 4. 

I had a job in the ‘70s at a company with an AT 1 prefix, and sometimes, it was necessary to wait for up to two minutes to actually get a line out. (This was a shock, as I had a line in one of the newer Queen Anne prefixes.) 

When the equipment for AT 1 and AT 2 was retired and replaced, there was a feature in the newspaper (not sure which one — perhaps Queen Anne News and also the [Seattle] Times and [Seattle] P-I), [and] it was stated it was the oldest operating equipment in the state. 

And at that point, there was better service on AT 1 and AT 2 than on AT 3 and AT 4. 

Lynn Kohner

Queen Anne